We pride ourselves on two things: customer satisfaction, and providing quality service that protects our customers as well as their homes and businesses. When it comes to gas line installation or repair, homeowners should trust their installer, and safety is our absolute number one priority. We make that safety affordable and accessible, and will leave you with gas lines you can have peace of mind about.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Gas lines can be used in any variety of situations: from heating to cooking, outdoor settings and more—they’re an incredible useful utility in any home, and they need to be treated with respect. Our trained technicians have the tools and the know-how to complete difficult gas line related procedures. We’re proud to say that we’re more than capable of taking care of your gas line problems, any time. Whether it’s three in the morning and you detect a gas leak, or whether you just need a repair done quickly. We’re the guys you can call when you need the job taken care of; we’re here to provide the gas leak repair home owners can trust.

With as many years as we have in the business, we have the experience to come into your home and quickly find the source of any gas leak. Our advanced equipment will then allow us to get it patched up, whether it was a poorly installed pipe or a pinhole in your current piping. And we can ensure you that once it’s patched up you won’t need to call us again. The benefits of a flexible natural gas line installation homeowners have been trusting us do is that it presents easier ways to avoid a leak. It can make it easier for installing new appliances, or simply for routing the lines differently around your home. But our guarantee is that whatever natural gas line installation customers of ours need, we’ll make sure you get our best service.

How Can I Detect a Gas Leak?

There are several different areas of your home or office that can present a gas leak. So it’s important that you never assume that based on the location in which you detect a leak if it’s a leak or not. For example, while you may have a gas line only hooked up to your dryer, you may smell gas coming from the wall in another room. In this case, the gas line itself could be leaking apart from the dryer.

So when detecting a gas leak, there are the preliminary warning signs that might indicate a leak, such as a smell. In this case, you should call us immediately. From there, we can use advanced tools to detect whether or not there is a leak for certain. In many cases, when you’re installing an appliance such as a dryer, it will come with a special chemical that’s designed to detect a gas leak. When you’re looking for a flexible gas line installation homeowners have started to use more frequently, we may use this same procedure. It can quickly detect a gas leak by bubbling at the head of the pipe where there may not be a sufficient seal. We may also use advanced detection equipment that will help us find the leak quickly so that it can be properly patched up.

"Marty is one of the most hard working and smart plumbers I have ever worked with, or had work for me. And, I've met a lot of plumbers. Does the job right the first time." -David B.

"Marty is amazing! Had a water pipe break which caused part of the dining room ceiling to collapse. He fixed the broken pipe quickly and went above and beyond to help clean up the mess. Can't say thank you enough!!" -Leslie B.

"Thanks Martin Plumbing Company for coming out on such short notice! When all 3 toilets in the house decided to stop working at the same time, I was more than a little stressed out! Thank you for your great customer service, skill, and patience with me in the midst of my stressful predicament!" -Heather G.
"I just want to say that your company lives up to your promises. I had 2 hose bibs replaced and a gate valve replaced. Chris was awesome. He was professional, courteous, answered all of my questions, and he left the two areas cleaner than they were before he got there. Again thanks for all of the work done. I know who I will use for all of my plumbing projects and who I will recommend." -Joe G.