Leak detection is our specialty, especially slab leaks and repair. Water line repairs should not be ignored. Left untreated, a copper leak, sewer leak, or even a slab leak can cause severe damage to the structure of your home or place of business. Mold is just one example.

Professional Leak Detection & Repair

Our technicians are trained to use minimally invasive techniques. Whether locating your leak or cleaning up water damage or mold, we will remove only what is absolutely necessary. Using infrared cameras, moisture detectors and sound equipment, we can often locate a leak without even cutting a single hole. We can even see a hot water leak under concrete, or a sewer leak or tiny pinhole water leak behind your walls.

"Marty is one of the most hard working and smart plumbers I have ever worked with, or had work for me. And, I've met a lot of plumbers. Does the job right the first time." -David B.

"Marty is amazing! Had a water pipe break which caused part of the dining room ceiling to collapse. He fixed the broken pipe quickly and went above and beyond to help clean up the mess. Can't say thank you enough!!" -Leslie B.

"Thanks Martin Plumbing Company for coming out on such short notice! When all 3 toilets in the house decided to stop working at the same time, I was more than a little stressed out! Thank you for your great customer service, skill, and patience with me in the midst of my stressful predicament!" -Heather G.
"I just want to say that your company lives up to your promises. I had 2 hose bibs replaced and a gate valve replaced. Chris was awesome. He was professional, courteous, answered all of my questions, and he left the two areas cleaner than they were before he got there. Again thanks for all of the work done. I know who I will use for all of my plumbing projects and who I will recommend." -Joe G.